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Steve Pursley, the car accident lawyer in Houston, wants to help you learn how to deal with an Auto Accident in Harris County, Dallas Fort Worth, Austin, TX and beyond. In most cases a licensed car accident attorney in Houston must review the facts to determine if you have a case in Harris County. A lawyer will not charge you a fee to review your case.

Statistics show that car accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities and life altering injuries in the United States. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) keeps track of motor vehicle accidents each year. They say, in 2004, 42,636 people were killed in the estimated 6,181,000 police reported motor vehicle traffic crashes. 2,788,000 people were injured, and 4,281,000 crashes involved property damage only. An average of 117 people died each day in car accident crashes in 2004 one every 12 minutes. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for every age (in the U.S.) from 3 through 33 years old. Most statistics show that Texas has higher auto accident rates for fatalities and injuries related to alcohol or speeding per capita than the median statistics for the rest of the country. Sadly, for the U.S. as a whole, whether single or multiple vehicle, driver or other occupant or non-motorist that is killed, there has been an increase in fatalities in the period from 1995-2005.

While not all accidents result in a fatality or life changing injury, the amount of economic impact from the high cost of property damage affects the entire U.S. because of the overall impact on the insurance industry and rates. Accidents that involve drunk, hit-and-run drivers, uninsured, or even underinsured drivers are all responsible for the costly rise in insurance rates. It doesn't matter what type of vehicles are involved in the accident; whether motorcycles, SUV, semi-tractor trailer collisions, rollovers, or single car accidents with pedestrians or pedal cyclists. Many accidents can be avoided because they are the result of driver distractions like eating and drinking, dealing with children, changing music, or radio, mobile phone use, or fatigue.

While not all automobile accidents are directly caused by human actions like drunk driving and the other above mentioned driver distractions, many people are injured every year in car accidents, as a result of defective products or design in the vehicles they were driving. These would include defective gas tanks, seatbelts, or tires among other problems. Whether or not a defective part was involved in a recall, liability may still lie with the manufacturer for monetary compensation, dependent upon the circumstances of the accident. The issue of the liability of a defendant for compensation of injuries and damages in a traffic accident case needs to be resolved by determining whether or not the accident was a foreseeable consequence of a negligent or willful act.

Injuries suffered from these types of motor vehicle accidents can be devastating. Possible injuries may be a broken or dislocated bone or limb, burns to your head or neck, whiplash, nerve damage or spinal cord paralysis, or even have lost the use of a limb among many other possible injuries. After experiencing this type of trauma and dealing with recovery, your other goals are probably to get your medical bills paid or covered by insurance or the party responsible. It is imperative to make sure you and your family's financial needs are met despite any lost wages, and make sure your (or the party at fault's) insurance provider will pay for any necessary medical treatment needed for your injury to return your life to what it was before the accident. A qualified attorney will discuss your accident and go over your options, in addition to dealing with all parties involved in the accident and the insurance companies to ensure you are not burdened financially by the consequences of another's reckless actions, in the quickest and most beneficial way possible for you.

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