FAQs: Texas Bus Accident Lawyers

Q: How do I know if I need a lawyer to help me after I have been in a bus accident?

A: Only an experienced lawyer can help to determine if you have a legal claim for damages. A lawyer can review the issues in your potential case such as, traffic law compliance, corporate liability, maintenance records, equipment quality, and medical treatment issues. These all require an experienced attorney to give you an analysis in regards to the area of bus and motor vehicle accident liability.

Q: What does "comparative negligence" mean? Does it help determine who is responsible for a traffic accident?

A: Comparative negligence is a term used to describe dividing the responsibilty of the accident between drivers based on their recklessness that caused the accident. Percentages of fault are given to the drivers and when damages are awarded, these percentages can be a basis of who pays and how much. When a bus is concerned, some common examples of comparative negligence are: a fatigued or intoxicated bus driver, whether all the equipment and parts on the bus were functioning properly, and if there was traffic law compliance. A combination of these or other factors may cause the “negligence” to be distributed to all parties responsible.

Q: What are common causes of bus accidents for a personal injury case?

A: Bus accidents are commonly due to adverse weather conditions, driver error or fatigue, faulty maintenance or equipment, and other motor vehicle collisions. To have a valid personal injury case when you have been in a bus accident, you must establish that your injuries are a result of the bus accident and that the accident was caused by the negligence of another person or company. Reckless driving and driving while intoxicated have been too common of reasons for bus accidents in the past decade.

Q: What are possible injuries from a bus accident?

A: Bruising, fractured bones, head trauma and brain injury, internal organ damage, paralysis, and any other serious injury similarly resulting from other motor vehicle accidents. One reason bus accidents injuries can be so severe is that passengers are typically not wearing safety belts in buses. Very few buses even have them available, and depending on the type of bus, people are a lot less likely to use them than if they were in a car. Since there is a lack of safety belts, people can get thrown around more if the bus rolls over or on its side.

Q: Are school bus accident cases any different than other types of bus accidents?

A: They seem more tragic because of the age of the passengers and they occur far too frequently. There have been nearly 1500 fatalities from school bus accidents since 1900. Almost half of those fatalities occurred during the school rush hour between 3:00pm and 4:00pm. This seems like a horrendous number considering that parents entrust the safety of their children to the schools which they are required to attend by law.

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