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Transportation related accidents can result in light to severe injuries and even death that require the assistance from a Texas auto accident attorney. These auto accidents are often traumatic because they usually happen in an instant without warning, as a complete surprise. Of the more than 6 million traffic accidents in the U.S. that occurred in 2005, over 2.5 million people were injured and over 43,000 people were killed. The majority of these injuries and fatalities are due to driver negligence and carelessness behind the wheel, whether they are alcohol related or not. Only a small number of these are due solely to bad weather conditions or equipment failure. This sadly reveals that almost all traffic accidents and the resulting injuries and deaths are preventable by better driving habits. A person who is injured as a result of someone else's negligent driving can be awarded compensation for damages, injuries, and even pain and suffering. The injured person must prove the other person's negligence not only caused the accident, but that the accident caused the injuries claimed.

Our Texas auto accident attorney handles a variety of accident claims for clients located in Texas,(including Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio),
including those arising out of:
Trucking Accident, Car Accident, Bus Accident, Boating Accident, Drunk Driving Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Railroad Accident

Driving while intoxicated accounts for about 40% of the reported traffic accidents. Just think, if drunk driving were eliminated tomorrow, that alone would cut the number of motor vehicle accidents, injuries, and fatalities almost in half, if not more. This is the admirable mission of MADD. Almost half of the traffic accident fatalities in Texas are speeding related and as another perspective approximately half of the fatalities are alcohol related, though these numbers most likely overlap each other, since driving while intoxicated impairs judgment and in most crashes caused by alcohol, speeding was a factor.

Alcohol and speeding are also common causes of motorcycle, boating and trucking accidents as well. The careless operation of these potentially dangerous motor vehicles is a likely cause of the amount of serious injuries and fatalities in these types of accidents, including burns, brain, and spinal cord injuries. Motorcycles are commonly "unseen" to many of the motorists that have some sort of collision with them, sometimes because of the speeds at which the rider is traveling or just a lack of defensive driving and being aware of the drivers and riders around you. High rates of speed make it much more difficult to control a vehicle during adverse weather conditions or an unexpected equipment failure, like a flat tire.

These days, driver negligence is common simply because the driver was not paying attention the second before the accident. Whether the distraction was talking to another passenger or child, changing a CD or radio station, eating, applying make-up, or talking on a mobile phone; these distractions often prevent the driver from having the normally quick reaction time needed for changing traffic conditions, such as sudden braking in stop and go traffic or avoiding an object or animal in the road. Some examples of more serious causes of accidents where laws are actually violated are disobeying traffic signs and signals, failing to signal while turning or changing lanes, driving above or even well below the posted speed limit, disregarding the weather or traffic conditions, and driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or a combination of the two.

Railroad accidents, although the rarest of all transportation type accidents, still occur. The numbers, while in the hundreds, may seem minute compared to traffic accidents (millions), however, they are mostly preventable. The causes could be a negligent driver disobeying the railroad crossing light, negligent safety practices of a railroad company as an employer, or even improper maintenance and faulty equipment (either on the train or a malfunctioning railroad crossing). Whether a derailment, collision with a car or pedestrian, equipment malfunction, or a collision with another train, it is fortunate that these accidents are almost 100% preventable if action is taken by those involved in the railroad industry. Better safety procedures and strict adherence to them on the part of the railroad companies and employers are the best solution to reducing the number of railroad related accidents.

Injury or death due to negligence and carelessness on the part of another deserve to be compensated and sometimes that compensation must be pursued by means of state or federal law. Contact the Pursley Law Firm to discuss your options or fill out our Case Evaluation Form and our truck or auto accident attorneys in Texas will contact you within 24 hours.