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When an electrical current comes into contact with a human body, (most often an extremity), an electrical shock occurs. Since the body is close to 70% water, the electric current travels through the body tissue because it has a low electrical resistance and is the easiest path to the ground. It is estimated that approximately 1000 deaths occur each year in the U.S. as a result of electrical shock, also known as electrocution. The majority of these electrocutions are work related injuries. The remaining are private consumers usually in their own home because of unsafe home maintenance or a defective or unsafe product, (e.g. extension cords, hair dryers, or microwaves, etc.) The nervous, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems are the most commonly damaged in addition to possible skin burns at the point of contact with the electric current. Permanent neurological problems are possible depending on the severity of the shock and length of time in contact.

Work related electrocutions are often the result of unsafe or defective equipment, negligence in enforcing safety regulations, or negligent maintenance to make sure equipment is safe. Worker’s compensation insurance from your employer will often cover medical expenses, but not any lost wages or other benefits during treatment and recovery time needed for a severe injury or in the tragedy of a death. It is important to seek medical assistance immediately, no matter how small you think the shock is; it is difficult to tell the extent of the injuries without proper examination. It is important to remember that in order to help someone being electrocuted, you must use a non-conducting item to push a victim away from the electrical source or the rescuer may be electrocuted too. An experienced electrocution accident attorney may be helpful to deal with your company’s insurance and human resources to ensure your medical bills are paid, you receive compensation for lost wages and benefits, or that the surviving family is compensated quickly and treated appropriately.

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