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The Pursley Law Firm, as personal injury lawyers in Texas, would like to help you learn more about the legal rights you have as a Texas citizen. You may have a case that a Personal Injury Lawyer Houston can file for you if you have been injured in Houston, Galveston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Austin and most cities in Texas. An experienced Houston personal injury lawyer at the Pursley Law Firm will evaluate your claim at no charge to you to determine if you have a case.

The area of personal injury law is comprised of cases and lawsuits pursuing compensatory damages for an injured person(s) filed on behalf of a Texas personal injury attorney. Compensatory damages are usually awarded by a jury that has examined the case and found the accused party responsible for the injuries. This compensation for the injury is awarded for medical bills, lost work time, lost earning capacity, and sometimes pain and suffering. Injured people are injured through circumstances that are not their fault and by something or someone they have no control over. These injuries occur because of failure of another to properly look after the safety of the injured person(s).

Our Texas personal injury lawyers handle a variety of personal injury claims for clients
located in Texas, including those arising out of any of the following:

Industrial Injury , Construction Injury, Refinery Explosion Injury, Brain Injury, Burn Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Electrocution Injury, Toxic Mold Injury, and Manganese Injury

A person, company, or other entity can be found to be responsible for the injuries received and depending on the type of case and its' circumstances, there can be more than one party responsible. If liability for the injury is found, it is because it was proven in the case that a duty of standard was not met. Laws governing personal injury cases require that there is the duty to conform to a reasonable standard to act to ensure the safety of those in the same environment as the liable person or company. The standard being that a person should perform in the same way as another person in the same or similar circumstances; if it's proven the person did not act in the same reasonable way another person would, and therefore an injury occurred they can then be found liable for the injury.

Work related employment injuries are often from the employer being negligent of the care and safety of the employees while they are in the capacity of employment. The particular industries that have the highest number of injured employees include: industrial and manufacturing, construction, refineries, and transportation of goods. Employers can be responsible for not ensuring their employees perform and adhere to the highest safety standards. At the same time, employers are responsible to reasonably ensure a safe work environment for their employees, by properly maintaining equipment, protecting employees from toxic and harmful substances, and safety training of other employees.

Exposure to toxins like asbestos, silica, toxic mold, and manganese are common in many blue collar work environments. These types of exposures can cause immediate illness or lead to serious disease and severe injuries later in life. It is often carelessness or negligence when employees have an unhealthy level of exposure to toxic substances in the work environment because the employer failed to implement reasonable safety procedures. Before public health and labor laws were more strict about protecting employees health, thousands were knowingly exposed to several harmful substances during the industrial boom in the U.S. up until the 1970's and 80's. These exposures to toxic substances can cause numerous health problems including increased allergy symptoms, organ damage, cancer, and other terminal illnesses.

Working in construction or at a refinery are two of the most dangerous types of jobs because they have the highest rates of injury and deaths compared to any other type of employment. Although refinery explosions may seem rare on the news, it is fairly common for smaller incidents to happen on a regular basis that don't catch the eye of the media as a large explosion with many deaths and more tragic circumstances would. Refinery explosions almost always have occurred in the past 50 years because of improperly maintained equipment and lack of safety procedures. It is truly tragic that these hundreds of deaths and injuries could have been prevented. The same is true in the construction industry. Whether it is a worker falling or an object falling on a worker, usually stricter safety practices could prevent the many injuries and deaths that occur each year at construction sites across the U.S. Falls are the most common cause of construction injuries and deaths. But with so many different pieces of equipment in and out of the construction sites on a daily or weekly basis, there is an increased risk that some of the equipment and machines are not maintained to an appropriate degree of safety. One increased risk leads to another, unfortunately, that of more injuries and fatalities.

Severe trauma, such as electrocution, brain, burn, and spinal cord injuries, go hand in hand with construction and refinery accidents. The tragedy of these work related injuries is that they are seriously life altering and lead to expensive health care for an extended period of time, if not for the rest of the injured persons' life. Even worse, the injuries can be severe enough to result in death. Although electrocutions are often deadly, they can also result in serious injury, including brain and cardiac damage, or burns at the site of electrical contact. Brain injuries are probably most commonly caused by car accidents or something striking the head, whether it is a falling object or some other type of blow to the head. Depending on the speed of impact, force, and location of impact, brain injuries vary and can be as mild as a concussion or much more serious and result in permanent damage and loss of use of that particular part of the brain or death. The severity of burn injuries varies based on the amount of the body burned and the degree to which it is burned. Obviously, refinery explosions cause a serious amount of burn injuries because of the prevalent amount of toxic, flammable substances and the volatile environment they are often exposed to by improper handling. Spinal cord injuries can be common in industrial and construction jobs. Because of the common fall-type of injury and because of the force that is possibly involved in these areas of work with large, heavy equipment.

The failure to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances by another person and often an entire company means that there has been negligence and carelessness that lead to the injury and harm of another person(s). If this is provable by witnesses, fact, documentation and other official sources of information such, as expert testimony, then you have the right to compensation for your injuries and financial losses incurred as a result of the injury. To have your personal injury case assessed by an experienced attorney, contact the Pursley Law Firm or fill out our Case Evaluation Form and an attorney will contact you within 24 hours.