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If you have suffered an injury in an Industrial Accident, a personal injury lawyer at the Purlsey Law Firm can help if you are located in Texas. We have experienced Work Injury Lawyers that can help determine if you have a industrial injury case in Houston, Galveston, El Paso, Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi Austin and all Texas cities.

Industrial work settings create an increased risk for occupational accidents and injuries. OSHA provides a guide to industrial hygiene to account for safety in handling the numerous toxic chemicals in the industrial work environment and procedures to "clean up" the air in the area where workers need to deal with these substances. Common industrial accidents are explosions, fires, falls, defective trucks or equipment, electrocution, toxic chemical exposure, improperly guarded hazardous areas, and falling objects or equipment. These industrial accidents likely account for almost half of all workplace accidents per year. OSHA also provides protection for "whistleblowers" if you are afraid of revealing the numerous safety violations in your industrial workplace or if there has been falsified accident reporting to OSHA from your company.

The type of highly specialized work being performed at industrial plants, the type of equipment used by the workers, and the high amount of activity potentially causing a chaotic environment to work in all can be determining factors in industrial accidents. This is one of the few work environments with such an increased possibility of being exposed to known carcinogenic (cancer causing) substances like asbestos, benzene, PVC, petroleum, and other miscellaneous solvents. Often employers do try and protect workers from toxic chemical exposure, but it is usually not enough to be completely shielded from all fumes or particulates. Life threatening injuries, long-term illnesses, and birth defects can all resort from this exposure to toxic chemicals. Depending on the chemical and exposed person's health, it can take very little exposure or a great deal of exposure over an extended period of time before these injuries and illnesses appear. These same chemicals are often volatile compounds and can easily cause explosions and fires resulting in severe burns or other injuries if not properly contained.

Liability in industrial accidents can be very complicated to prove and yet necessary since most worker compensation laws do not allow an injured worker to collect damages for pain and suffering. Contact an experienced attorney as soon as you are able when you are injured in your industrial workplace to help you sort through the details of the accident and the day it occurred.

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