FAQs: Manganese Lawyer in Texas

Q: Why is manganese used in welding?

A: There are many different types of welding rods and most of them contain manganese. Manganese helps to strengthen the metal as it is fused. Steel is not possible without manganese.

Q: What happens that allows welders to inhale such a large amount of manganese?

A: There are fumes of manganese released into the air when the high level of heat is used in the welding process. As the rods melt down during this process, these fumes contain manganese if the rods have manganese in them (most do), so the manganese is inhaled by welders.

Q: What is manganism and what are the symptoms of this disease?

A: It is actually common to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, but to really have manganism. Manganism is a result of excessive exposure and inhalation of manganese. Because of the many types of welding rods that contain manganese; manganism is most common in welders. Some of the symptoms include: slow or decreased movement, muscular rigidity (e.g., arms don’t swing when you walk), tremors, loss of short-term memory, loss of equilibrium and walking difficulties, slurred or mumbling speech, decreased hand mobility, delayed reaction or in performing everyday tasks, blank or mask-like face, difficulty sleeping, and lack of energy. Unfortunately, this damage resulting from overexposure to manganese is permanent, progressive, and gets worse as time goes by.

Q: I have been a welder for close to 30 years and have been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. My doctor said it was probably not job related. Should I get a second opinion?

A: This is difficult to determine without a thorough review of your medical and work history. You may also need to see a doctor familiar with manganism for a second opinion. Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and Manganism are very similar and it is a common misdiagnosis among welders, especially those near retirement since Parkinson’s is more commonly diagnosed to people over 50.

Q: Why have so many welders filed lawsuits for injuries as a result of manganese exposure? What is the basis for these claims?

A: The welders that have been injured by exposure and inhalation of manganese have filed claims against the manufacturers of particular welding rods they used that contained manganese. It has been shown that the manufacturers of the welding rods were well aware of the health risks of breathing the fumes from manganese in the welding roads and did not do anything to warn workers or encourage them to take precautions and protect themselves. Most states have laws that allow these workers to file claims against the manufacturer for negligence and to receive compensatory damages if their claim is found to be true.

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