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The Pursley Law Firm, Manganese Lawyers in Texas, want to help you learn more about the dangers of Manganese toxicity. If you think you have been exposed to Managanese an attorney can help determine if you have a case in Florida, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas or any other city in Texas or beyond.

Although manganese is an essential trace element to all forms of life for normal functioning, it can also be toxic in excessive amounts if inhaled as dust and fumes, such as in the welding and mining professions or in excessive use of certain pesticides containing forms of manganese. A Parkinson’s type disease of the central nervous system, called manganism has been found to develop several years after an initial toxic exposure to manganese dust or fumes. OSHA requires a minimum exposure on a daily basis for occupational safety standards. Medical tests are available and will reveal the amount of manganese in your body if you are concerned about current or future illnesses related to over exposure to manganese.

The U.S. federal government CDC also informs us that a small amount of manganese from our food and water is essential for our health; it is only when exposed to excessive amounts of airborne manganese for many months or years that may cause health problems. The brain injury and damage to the central nervous system that occur as a result to a toxic level of manganese in the body can be permanent and so medical attention should be sought immediately if you believe you have symptoms of manganism such as; headaches, speech problems, tremors, muscle contraction or rigidity or other symptoms similar to those of Parkinson’s disease. If you are certain that your workplace knowingly exposed you to toxic levels of manganese over a period of time, you may want to contact an attorney in TX regarding your rights to compensation for health problems related to the excessive exposure.

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