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Employment in a refinery is dangerous work because there is an increased potential for accidents and injuries since there are a higher amount of volatile substances and chemicals in the workplace. Accidents can cause serious injuries such as severe burns from fires, chemical burns (some internal), spinal cord and back injuries (sometimes resulting in paralysis), bone fractures and even brain injuries (common result of exposure to certain levels of toxic chemicals). OSHA (U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration) has set safety guidelines and standards for gas/oil refineries and has the power to impose fines if they are not followed.

A local example of one of the worst gas/oil refinery explosions in the U.S. occurred in March 2005 at the BP refinery in Texas City. Being the third largest refinery in the U.S., this incident killed 15 workers and injured an additional 170 workers (most seriously) at the plant. Without the quick response of emergency and medical personnel, people living nearby could also have been exposed to harmful chemicals. Further investigation has revealed safety violations and lack of proper maintenance on equipment that resulted in the explosion. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) has found BP liable for several problems with equipment, improper maintenance, and lack of proper safety procedures. While the CSB is an independent government organization with no enforcement ability, their investigational findings will assist the families of those killed or injured to receive compensation for their losses.

It is regrettable to know that these accidents and tragedies are often found to be foreseeable and preventable. If something this tragic has touched your life, speak to an experienced attorney to help you understand your rights to compensation.

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