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Mold is a common problem in Texas but when it becomes Toxic your health may be in danger and you may need to consult a lawyer. The Pursley Law Firm attorneys want to help you learn what your rights are if you have been exposed to Toxic Mold in Texas including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Galveston. It is important that experienced lawyers review your claim to determine if you have a case.

Exposure to indoor mold at a consistent and high level or certain types of molds (called mycotoxins) from certain agricultural crops like corn and peanuts can be toxic to humans and animals. There are several health problems that may occur as a result of chronic exposure to toxic mold. Some of the more common problems are increased allergy symptoms or sudden onset of food allergy symptoms, immunological effects (decreased immune system function), organ-specific toxicity, cancer, and, in some cases, death. Agricultural workers are also at risk for dermal and respiratory exposures during the crop harvest and storage. Our bodies are very efficient and can tolerate mold and mycotoxins in small quantities even though mold is a common human allergen. Only in larger quantities, or over a long period of time or when there is chronic exposure can mold and its’ mycotoxins pose health hazards for humans and animals. People with weakened or compromised immune systems (e.g., infants, elderly or those with chronic immune diseases) are at an even greater risk.

The toxic symptoms experienced are different from the typical allergic reaction to mold. Headaches, cognitive problems, breathing problems, flu-like symptoms, or skin irritation are often a sign something more serious has triggered your reaction to the mold exposure, even if you are not initially aware of what you were exposed to. Indoor mold has become much more common since the 1970’s when they started building houses to be more airtight and using more porous building materials. A constant source of moisture allows for mold growth, which over an extended period of time can then lead to mycotoxins, one of the toxic forms of mold. Mold-related indoor air quality problems have gotten a lot of media attention since the 1990’s when health problems were first connected to “black mold” being found in relatively new houses because of the building process. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a guide to mold available online for better understanding potential risks and problems with mold in your home and suggestions for solutions to get rid of mold if you have it. Although many people are totally unaware or ignorant and some maybe even be in denial about the risks and hazards mold poses to humans. There are many adaptable varieties of mold and toxic mold, so they can grow just about anywhere and in a wide variety of temperatures as long as they have something to feed on and oxygen.

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air in their home or place of residence or work. If you feel you have been willingly exposed or are not being treated fairly by your insurance company in being able to remedy the mold situation, please contact an experienced attorney to help you. You can find more online resources about toxic mold or visit the CDC's site.

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