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The Pursley Law Firm wants to help you learn about your rights if you have been injured by a defective product in Texas. Our experienced lawyers have successfully represented products liability clients in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and most of Texas.

Defects in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of a product can sometimes lead to injury, harm, or death of the consumer. Even the wholesaler or retailer may be found liable if there were known defects, yet they continued with the sale of the defective product(s). There is an unlimited amount of products that cause a significant injury or death to the user, this is particularly common with electric products or those intended for use with children. The Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, chapter 82 refers specifically to the laws addressing products liability cases and incorporating the federal standards for products liability cases. Firearms, drugs, household appliances, automobile related parts (e.g. tires, gas tank), children's toys or gear are among the broad range of products under current investigation for liability in injuries to the persons using them.

A well known national news story about products liability was the Firestone tires shredding on Ford Explorers that were revealed in 2000 to have a breach of warranty and defective design and manufacturing because they did not last as long as claimed and would randomly blow out during normal and regular driving conditions causing several injuries and over 30 deaths across the U.S. While it has been shown that Ford knew about the dangerous defect of the tires, they decided not to recall and replace them when they were first notified of Firestone’s recall, but rather to continue with business since it was such a large number of Explorers already in consumer use they were dealing with.

Products liability claims can be based on a breach of warranty of the product, strict liability (less common), or negligence. There must be specific circumstances present to be able to file a products liability claim with one or more of these causes, so it is best to contact an experienced Products Liability Lawyer to examine the details of your injury or death of a loved one.

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