Asbestosis Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

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Asbestosis is known by medical professionals as Pneumoconiosis, a term used for other lung diseases without a known effective treatment. While Asbestosis is known to be caused by exposure to the harmful building material, asbestos, most commonly used in the work place during and after World War II, there has been no ability to stop Asbestosis from developing because it is usually too advanced by the time the patient exhibits any symptoms. Once the patient is in an advanced state of Asbestosis, certain disability and most likely premature death are the most likely outcomes. While treatment may prolong survival, there is currently not a cure.

Once a patient is diagnosed with Asbestosis, treatment will only help if the patient is a non-smoker. Respiratory and oxygen therapy may help and be needed on a consistent basis. Shortness of breath, coughing (with bronchial drainage), and other common symptoms related to respiratory illnesses will be treated as normal with OTC or prescribed pain killers and inhalers. Once a patient is diagnosed with asbestosis, that person will be carefully monitored by their doctor for developing Mesothelioma, or other types of lung cancer. The doctor can take preventative steps for the patient in hopes that the cancers are not able to develop and prolong the patient’s life in that way even though there is no cure for any asbestos related illness. The main goals of the doctor in treatment are to help the patient prevent colds or other respiratory illnesses and in general to be able to breathe more easily. It may be an obvious key to treatment of asbestosis, but if exposure to asbestos has not already been stopped then it must be immediately.

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