FAQs: Silicosis Lawyers in Texas

Q: What is silica?

A: Silica is a mineral that is a major element of soil, sand, and rock. High silica dust concentrations can be produced by any large movement/digging of earth or silica-containing products like concrete, masonry, or sandblasting.

Q: How am I at risk for being exposed to large amounts of silica?

A: Silica exposure has occasionally occurred during the use of some consumer and hobby items, but exposure more commonly occurs in an occupational environment where anyone is routinely exposed to silica dust in the air around them. Silicosis is commonly developed while in certain industrial jobs: mining, sandblasting, and masonry.

Q: What medical test is there that will show I've had exposure to silica?

A: No tests directly prove your exposure to silica dust. Chest x-rays, lung function, and CT scans cannot show the actual silica dust, but they can detect early signs of certain lung diseases or changes in the lungs caused by silica dust exposure.

Q: What should I do if I think the air at my sandblasting job is making me sick?

A: You should schedule an appointment to see your doctor for a full medical examination as soon as possible and describe your symptoms to your doctor. If the results seem to show that you may be suffering from a lung disease or adverse condition due to silica exposure, you need to contact an experienced attorney to analyze and protect your rights.

Q: What is silicosis?

A: Silicosis results when particles of silica are inhaled. These particles become trapped in the lungs and scar tissue grows around them which creates a hardening of the lung tissue. This gradually gets worse and will hinder breathing or daily lung function and can ultimately be fatal. Currently, there is no treatment for the disease, only the symptoms to make life more bearable, there is also no cure.

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