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The Silicosis Lawyers at the Pursley Law Firm, want to help you understand the complexities of Silicosis exposure. If you have experienced symptoms of silicosis, or have been diagnosed with silicosis, and live in Texas including Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio you will need to speak with a lawyer to determine if you have a case.

Silicosis is a lung disease that occurs when particles of silica are deposited in the lungs. These particles are microscopic and the immune system will try to remove them, but since the immune cells cannot process silica, the cells die and become nodules in the lungs. The dust from silica being crushed, grinded, drilled, cut or broken can form these ultra-microscopic crystalline dust particles that get deposited in the lungs of the worker. Since silica is the 2nd most plentiful mineral on Earth and it is used in a tremendous amount of applications, the exposure still occurs despite many practices and efforts to protect workers. Whether the silicosis is in an acute stage or early uncomplicated stage, the symptoms are similar to other lung diseases and difficult to diagnose, because they could be similar to tuberculosis or lung cancer.

Unlike other illnesses that result from harmful substance exposure, symptoms of silicosis can develop within 6 months to 2 years after the first massive silica exposure. This damaging and chronic lung disease can be fatal if there is enough exposure to the silica dust over a long period of time or in excessive amounts. Rheumatoid arthritis can also be developed as a result of the silicosis and is more common in men already diagnosed with silicosis in comparison to the general population. Several male dominated occupations pose a risk for exposure to silica and a resulting development of silicosis. These include mining, tunneling (for roads), quarrying, drilling, cement or glass manufacturing, sandblasting, masonry, construction, and even dental lab technicians. OSHA provides a free guide with the basics on Silicosis for more information in a simple format. Texas has several laws pertaining to a worker’s rights in protecting their health. It is important that you contact a silicosis lawyer to help you understand them if you have a concern about previous exposure to silica.

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