Wrongful Death Lawyer in Houston

A wrongful death in Houston or Harris County that has been caused by the fault of another person can be determined to be a "wrongful death" in a legal case depending upon the circumstances surrounding the incident. A person who dies as a result of a negligent or careless act by another party, or as an intentionally harmful act (such as murder) is referred to as a decedent in a lawsuit filed by a wrongful death Houston lawyer as a wrongful death action in Texas. Examples of negligence or carelessness by another person, company or other entity are: deaths caused by drunk or reckless driving, unintentionally fatal injuries, failing to diagnose a terminal illness or disease, the manufacturer of a defective or dangerous product, a hazardous workplace incident, or the construction of an unsound structure or building. These and other incidences may be considered as "wrongful deaths" according to state statutes, see the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code on Wrongful Death, Chapter 71.

The Pursley Law Firm, Houston wrongful death lawyer, handle wrongful death claims in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio Austin and El Paso. Our Attorneys have experience with cases arising from the following:

18 Wheeler / Semi-Truck Death , Drunk Driving Death, Medical Malpractice Death,
Refinery Explosion Death, and Aviation Deaths

*Traffic accidents caused by drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are still a leading cause of automobile related fatalities in the United States. See the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration for statistics in Texas and information regarding other driving hazards.

*Lethal injuries from an altercation a loved one had with another person can be an unintentional "wrongful death", but a murder or intentional injuries that result in death may also be found as a "wrongful death"

*Even with modern technology, occupational accidents, injuries and deaths are still prevalent in today's workplace. It is important to be aware of the possible dangers that surround you in your work environment. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health provides an excellent resource for prevention and awareness of these occupational hazards and safety procedures that should be in place when the hazards are present.
Wrongful death claims are generally filed on behalf of immediate family members or beneficiaries of the decedent, usually the spouse, children, or parents, whoever is the personal representative of the decedent's estate. These claims are often filed in order to obtain monetary damages. The total financial compensation for a "wrongful death" judgment is comprised of three types of damages. The primary one is to cover the income the decedent would have provided. Other damages may also be recovered for the loss of the decedent related to: expenses associated with the death (e.g., medical, funeral, and burial); lost benefits from the death, (e.g., insurance, retirement, etc.); pain, suffering, or mental anguish suffered by the survivor(s) of the decedent; survivor's loss of emotional support, companionship, care, protection and/or guidance that would have been received from the decedent. In certain circumstances punitive damages may also be awarded dependent on the facts of the case. Punitive damages are only awarded when intended to punish a wrongdoer(s) and prevent them from harming others again.

The above has briefly explained some information about and examples of previously proven "wrongful death" cases. Contact us for a FREE consultation if you have questions or believe you need an attorney to represent you in the wrongful death of a loved one.