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The Pursley Law Firm, 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Houston, can help if you were involved in an 18 wheeler accident in Texas that resulted in a death. Our lawyers have represented truck injury victims in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and most of Texas.

Large trucks (those weighing over 10,000 pounds such as 18 wheeler, semi, or tractor trailer) on the nation's highways are involved and/or responsible for a large portion of the traffic accident fatalities. More and more trucks are on the road and the drivers are logging more and more hours to meet tight delivery deadlines. Even though there are laws in place to regulate the industry and how many hours a truck driver can be on the road without sleeping, these laws are often violated at the expense of the public. Companies can be responsible for directly or indirectly pushing the drivers to log too many hours to get the goods delivered on or ahead of schedule. To keep profits up the companies may try to keep expenses down by short cuts on the maintenance. These are the two most common causes of 18 wheeler wrongful deaths: driver error or fatigue and faulty equipment. The other common problem is the amount of large trucks that need to share the roads and highways with cars. Automobile drivers often do not understand the differences in driving a large truck and may inadvertently cause an accident because they cut a truck driver off or are in the trucks lengthy blind spot, leaving the truck drivers trying to maneuver out of the potential accident without the same maneuverability of the car. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is unfortunately another cause of these accidents.

There are often more fatalities in an accident involving large trucks simply because the size of the truck compared to other automobiles is so much greater. Large trucks do not have the same ability to avoid a collision as a car does. They take a lot longer and farther to come to a complete stop when braking. Often truck drivers lose control of the truck and it can easily roll, jackknife, or cross into oncoming traffic. Many victims are trapped underneath the 18 wheeler trailer or the truck itself or pinned in some other way. The NHTSA (National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration) does the reporting on these accidents and in 2005, there were over 6,000 people killed in large truck accidents in the U.S., the majority of those being other motorists, not the truck drivers. In Texas, there were nearly 600 fatalities from large truck accidents. It seems that there is something amiss to know that these numbers have increased since 1994 both nationwide and in Texas. Through enacting education programs and possibly more regulation on safety violations, it would seem these numbers would decrease in the next few years.

An 18 wheeler accident lawyer can help you assess your case and recover compensatory damages for the lost of your loved one that was a victim of a wrongful death involving an 18 wheeler truck.

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